End of The Season

Another season under our belts!  Here’s a message from our coach;

Thank you everyone for all your hard work this season!  I know it had its ups and downs and overall was a trying season but we made it till the bitter end.  Thank you for all those hard paddles when there was barely enough to go (with minimal complaining 😉).  Thank you to everyone who took on new roles whether it was manning a booth at the market for recruitment, taking a new executive position, or taking on a new role in getting the boat out of the water.  Thank you to everyone who came out to clean the boat today.   Many hands make light work

 Overall thank you everyone for another memorable dragon boat season!  Hope to see you all again in the spring!
Planning for a Christmas party is in the works, watch your email’s for any new news. Monthly meetings should be starting in January, we will keep members posted via email. If your new and checking out our page and would like to know more about our team contact us via email at gascitydragonboat@gmail.com or catch up with us on facebook, Gas City Dragon Boating Association- Prairie Fire.
  Happy Fall!!

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