The History of Dragon Boating

The Breast Cancer Connection: Dragon Boating came to Canada in 1995, when Dr. McKenzie a physician at the University of British Columbia after doing research determined the importance of upper body exercise in women who have had breast cancer.  Dr McKenzie thought that Dragon Boat racing would be a fun and healthy way for women to get upper body exercise and improve their over all health.  At every festival there is a breast cancer survivor challenge cup.  This race is only for the survivors.  After the race there is a ceremony called the Festival of Roses.  This ceremony is held to bring awareness to breast cancer, and is also dedicated to the breast cancer survivors and to those we have lost along the way.  The ceremony is also held to encourage women to have regular check-ups as well as self-examination, and the need for women who have had breast cancer to continue to exercise and stay healthy.  Seeing all the women finish the challenge cup, and walk up to the ceremony proves to everyone that there is a life after breast cancer

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