About Our Sport

A Dragon boat typically holds 22 people, comprising  of 20 paddlers in pairs, facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer facing toward the paddlers, and 1  steerer, standing at the back of the boat.  Most of the boats that we have around Alberta are made from carbon fibre and or other light weight materials. Our own boat, is made of wood and weights approximately 900lbs!!.  Paddlers on our team work together to propel the boat forward from a standing start. Each team member is reliant of his or her teammates to keep time and to listen for instructions. This team is a mixed crew, trying for equal numbers of both men and women.  We have a variety in ranges of experience, from years to just weeks.  Everyone one is encourage to come and have some fun, along the way getting in your daily dose of exercise.

What our Organization is About  –  Health through fitness

Fitness means different things to different people. For some, exercise is fun and relaxing. For others, it is to sustain or improve health along the way. Our goal, is make this sport enjoyable to all who join. Being part of group sports has shown to have a significant influence on your life satisfaction. You gain a sense of belonging, more opportunity’s for social interaction and can build your self-identity. All of these things, helping to improve happiness. Most of all we are here to have fun! Laughter is one of life’s best medicine.